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Black LAB puts the experience in experiential marketing.  Our partnership with Stillhouse Original Moonshine will focus solely on using our resources to increase brand awareness and penetrate the Southern California market and beyond.  With a strong emphasis on "Lifestyle Branding" strategies Black LAB aims not to sell clear whiskey but to connect the Stillhouse brand with consumers in a way that builds long term advocacy.

Through constant contact, clear communication and solid planning with the Stillhouse team Black LAB will deliver the following:

  • Memorable Event & Promotional Experiences

    • A team of experienced event coordinators
    • Customer Relationship Management system designed to capture consumer data in a fun way at events & promos 
    • Trained & cost effective Stillhouse Ambassadors- bartenders, promotional samplers & models
    • Cocktails designed to capture every guests' attention & reinforce the Stillhouse brand message 
    • Photo sharing- event & promo photos uploaded in real time for social media sharing & PR content
    • Special pricing on events & staffing 
  • Stillhouse CRm

A fun & exciting way for the Stillhouse Ambassadors to collect consumer data at events & promotions.


Spin the wheel for a chance to win Stillhouse swag, gift cards & more.

Each customer who spins is required to "Sign In" and by spinning agrees to receive emails and promotions from Stillhouse.


  • Stillhouse Wrapped Nissan NV Cargo

    • Black LAB's newest cargo van wrapped with the Stillhouse logo & branding
    • Black LAB executes events for high-networth individuals & luxury brands.  Our van is constantly traveling through SoCal's most popular neighborhoods including: Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Hollywood, Santa Barbara & Orange County. 
  • Private Label Stillhouse Mixers

    • Custom designed Stillhouse "America's Finest Cold Pressed Mixers"
    • HPP processed for maximum freshness & shelf life (90 days refrigerated) 
    • Made locally only a few blocks from the Stillhouse office.
    • Distribution managed by Black LAB Ventures
    • Applications: Events, Promotional Sampling, Holiday Packs, On-Premise Account Combo
  • Operations

Black LAB will work directly with the Stillhouse executive team to bring all experiential activations to life.  Black LAB will focus on capturing Stillhouse's key demographic with a huge priority on collecting customer data used to turn first time tasters into brand advocates.   Connecting on weekly conference calls Black LAB & Stillhouse will plan a strategic attack on specific goals and recap of the previous week's accomplishments & opportunities for growth.  Our soul mission will be to stretch the ROI on all experiential marketing investments and to build a Stillhouse fanbase of loyal brand advocates. 


  • The Team

    • Market Manager- Joel Black
    • PR- Heather Storm
    • Lead Stillhouse Ambassador/Event Coordinator- Sonny
    • Stillhouse Ambassadors- 6 to 8 handpicked male & female Black LAB employees trained on all things Stillhouse 


  • Benefits

    • Leaders in the industry representing Stillhouse
    • Innovative & "Out of the Box" marketing strategies 
    • One stop shop for events, promotions & ambassadors
    • Fully Licensed & Insured
    • Trained Stillhouse Ambassadors that are employees of & managed by Black LAB
    • 11 new Stillhouse team members supported by over 15 years industry experience
    • Opportunities with Black LAB’s high-end events & consultations 
    • Cost effective & quality growth


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