Creating cocktail experiences for Bars & Restaurants

New restaurants, hotels and bars open every day and the market is extremely competitive.   Today more than ever consumers expect fresh, well balanced cocktails delivered in a timely manner.  At Black LAB we understand that success in the hospitality industry is found in the details.   When designing concepts we delve into the culture, history, and current beverage trends to develop an experience that inspires.  We work diligently with our clients to ensure every detail meets their vision.  We build bar programs that focus on quality guest experiences and always consider the bottom line implementing proficient systems that maintain consistency and profitability.


Each bar is unique and so is the way we design each beverage program. Our strategies are built around the specific vision of each client, the location, and the consumer demographics to establish concepts that generate longterm success.

  • operations
  • menu design
  • employee manuals
  • hands on staff training
  • vendor terms and ordering guides
  • inventory management systems
  • recipe cost analysis
  • pricing guide
  • efficient bar design
  • branding and sponsorship deals
  • cost effective promotions & events

Our satisfied clients include...