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Our passion is to serve our guests, our community, and our land with LOVE 
— Amare ~ to LOVE

Amare is to love and our mission is to serve.  Our guests enjoy the finest in luxury living with authentic Costa Rican hospitality.  From check-in to check-out the Amare staff will stop at nothing to show our guests excellent service at every possible opportunity.  With a true desire to share the deep and rich Costa Rican culture Amare delivers a true life experience.  From the local flavors crafted by our private chefs to exhilarating tours of the jungle, Amare personalizes each vacation for you to LOVE. 


luxury to love

Amare offers the ultimate in personal luxury experiences.  Nestled cliffside with endless ocean views our eight bungalows are individually designed to transport you into instant relaxation.  With 24 hour butler service the Amare staff is always there to serve your every need.  From your very own private beach with attentive cabana boys to the world's softest cotton sheets you will be bathed in love.


With breathtaking views of the pacific ocean Amare offers the perfect location for an array of private events.  We offer customized experiences for intimate weddings, executive retreats, surf camps and all of life's special occasions.  Amare private events are operated by Los Angeles's top event company, Black LAB Ventures, ensuring flawless execution and outstanding service for all of our valued guests. 

Community support

Amare believes community is love and love must be nurtured.  In the off-season we use our resources to host camps for under privileged youth, raise awareness for local issues, and donate 2% of our revenue to local charities involved in education and community development. 

Sustainability is the Costa Rican way and Amare embraces every opportunity to love our land.  From water conservation to sustainable energy Amare stops at nothing to set a new standard for luxury hospitality with compassion and awareness.